How it Works for Appraisers

Click Here for How it Works for Consumers is seeking to become the world’s largest open online personal property appraisal platform. Our platform will allow any qualified personal property appraiser to join our network and begin doing personal property valuations from a desktop or laptop computer.   We are also working on a mobile platform that will allow appraisers in our network to appraise merchandise from any smart phone or tablet computer.

Our appraisal team is currently looking for the following experts:

  • Personal property appraisers who write to the standards of USPAP
  • Other personal property appraisers
  • Personal property subject matter experts


Subject matter experts and appraisers are encouraged to join our network and begin doing valuations in the categories they feel most qualified. Our job is to bring consumers and appraisers to a common platform which will allow both parties to communicate quickly and easily and efficiently and to share their finished appraisals with friends and family through various social media outlets.

Our service offers appraisers:

  • An avenue to earn additional income.
  • The flexibility to work anywhere you have access to the Internet as long as you have access to the Internet
  • Monthly distributions into your checking or savings account
  • A way to increase visibility of services your business provides through our platform
  • Access to a world-class personal property appraisal network


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