Sports Memorabilia

We appraise sports memorabilia to determine its authenticity, provenance and monetary value. Sports memorabilia may refer to a souvenir or a memento associated with a famous sporting event or a popular sport personality. Whether you have a pack of trading cards or a jersey that you believe was worn by a well-known sportsman, you can get it evaluated for its inherent value at our website.

There are certain factors that make a piece of sports memorabilia valuable. Items that have been in direct contact with a famous athlete tend to be highly valuable. For instance, a shirt won by Pelé; a retired Brazilian professional footballer widely regarded as the greatest player of all time, during the 1970 World Cup Final that Brazil went on to won, fetched $220, 850 at a London auction in 2002.

Also, pieces of memorabilia that have been autographed are considered more valuable than those that haven’t. Two of the most expensive autographs by sport personalities in today’s world happen to be those of the baseball players Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio.

“Game-used” items such as players’ clothes and other items used during a game such as helmets, gloves, shoes as well as bats, balls and flags can prove to be highly valuable depending on the significance of the sporting event or the player they are associated with. If the object in question was used by an athlete who went on to garner a substantial amount of success in their field, the objects are likely to have risen in value.

Our appraisers also possess the expertise required to appraise trading cards featuring sporting legends from various sports such as wrestling, boxing, golf, baseball, basketball, hockey and several more.

All that you need to provide us with are photographs of the object you have and relevant information and details pertaining to it. We will get back to you in less than 48 hours with a brief or detailed appraisal report depending on the choice made at the time of making the appraisal request.