Road Show

If you have ever watched Antiques Roadshow or Pawn Stars, you’d probably agree with how inexplicably thrilling can it be to watch people shuffle in with obscure items from history that go on to win them thousands of dollars in the now! These shows have on board professional appraisers who inspect an object thoroughly for all possible indicators of its value including authenticity, age and provenance.

Antiques Roadshow, a British television show running since 1979 and Pawn Stars, an American reality TV series that debuted in 2009, are shows that attract not just people hoping to have stumbled upon a treasure but also history enthusiasts and people who wish to acquaint themselves with the story of a coveted family heirloom.

We provide you the same experience as these shows except for the chance to appear on TV! Our professional online appraisers are qualified to assess the authenticity, provenance, rarity and utility of an item with the help of the photographs and information you provide. We provide you completely unbiased appraisals that aren’t influenced by any vested interests or hidden motives.

Apart from determining the value of your prized possession, we also tell you about its history including its origin, the name of the manufacturer, the time period it belongs to and its place in the history of human development. Our appraisal services can be utilized for people to “just know” about their property, to be informed about its value before going to a pawn shop or an antique store to pawn or sell it, to provide insurance companies with information for property appraisals or for equitable property distribution.

We give you the exciting Antiques Roadshow/ Pawn Stars experience starting at just $19.95. The graduated fee schedule is based on factors such as the extent of detail you’d like your reports to carry and whether you’d like a restricted appraisal report or an appraisal report that can be viewed by other parties as well.

Our appraisal reports are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, are prepared within 48 hours of the appraisal request and come with a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.