Rare Books

We have expert book experts and appraisers on board who can help find out if that rare book gathering dust on your bookshelf is a valuable treasure. Our professional appraisers are well-versed with the many factors that separate the wheat from the chaff in the land of rare book appraisals.

Old books are not necessarily rare. So if you have got a book handed down to you from generations of avid readers or book collectors, make sure that you look for certain other factors that could make your book worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Your book needs to be in good condition. Torn or falling pages tend to reduce a book’s value. Well-known titles and authors make a book worth more than that with an obscure title or a lesser-known author. Post World War I, books were commonly clad with dust jackets. Hence, for 20 th century books, dust jackets that are in good condition can represent 95% of the value of the book. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night without a dust jacket is worth $300 but with a dust jacket, the value rises to around $6000.

“True” first editions, books with several points of issue and books signed by authors or those with ownership inscriptions by famous personalities can all fetch a significantly higher amount of money than those devoid of these value-increasing aspects. A book with an aesthetically appealing cover can hike the value of the book by $40-$1000 depending upon the intricacies involved in the design and its execution.

So if you’d like to determine the value of a book that you think is old or rare enough to warrant an appraisal, you can send us a picture of the book along with important details such as the title, author and the date your edition was published on. We guarantee you an accurate appraisal within 48 hours to help you find out the extent of rarity of the book and its fair market value and replacement value.