If you own remnants from history such as a claw foot tub that was considered a luxury item in the late 19 th century or a cast-iron antique radiator from the same era, you may like to find out what these architectural antiques are really worth. Salvaged architecture from historic buildings is often high in value owing to their provenance and historical significance.

Our professional online appraisers can evaluate everything ranging from aged barn wood flooring to doors, fireplaces, furniture and handcrafted hardware. Antique architecture not only offers a glimpse into the aesthetic tastes of a particular place and era but also narrates an insightful story of the developmental and ideological milestones of the place and time it belongs to.

Our personal property subject matters and appraisers are well-versed with the various architectural movements that have sprouted in the vast expanse of history such as Brutalism, Constructivism, Deconstructivism, Expressionism, Stalinist and Usonian architecture.

Depending on the information and photographs you provide, our appraisers will evaluate the fair market value and the replacement value of your architectural heirloom or salvaged object.

If the object you’d like us to appraise is not in very good condition, we also let you know of where you can get it restored and how much will the restoration cost you. Our personal property subject matter experts provide you with not just the value of your possession but also a detailed account of its origin, its makers and its cultural and historical place in society.