Commitment to Preserving the Public's Trust in Appraising

As an Appraisal Management Company, supports The Appraisal Foundation's Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP's) goal of preserving the public's trust in the appraisal profession. We recognize that reports developed and prepared in conformance with USPAP are likely to be credible, reliable, understandable and not-misleading. The result is the preservation of public trust in the appraisal profession. To this end, helps its appraisers meet their society-mandated requirement to comply with USPAP. This is accomplished by means of uniquely-designed Restricted Appraisal Reports and Appraisal Reports which comply with USPAP (including the appraiser-signed USPAP certification statement). A copy of the report is also sent to the appraiser for record keeping purposes.

For subject matter experts who are not also trained appraisers or who are not members of societies requiring USPAP compliance, again strives to maintain the public's trust in the appraisal profession by addressing The Appraisal Foundation's admonition that, while not required to comply by a societal mandate, those offering appraisal practice SHOULD comply with USPAP. This is accomplished at by designing appraisal reports for subject matter experts that closely mimic the essential elements of a USPAP-compliant report, thus helping to ensure that the public's trust maintained.

For more about's commitment to preserving the public's trust in appraising, go here. makes use of two types of valuers valuers are either trained, knowledgeable professional appraisers or are subject matter experts with extensive product and market knowledge and experience.

  • USPAP compliant reports: Those valuers who are obligated by parental societies to comply or who otherwise wish to comply with USPAP will be pleased to know that appraisals are prepared as Restricted Appraisal Reports or Appraisal Reports in conformance with the standards of USPAP. Note that on the appraisal form (short version or long version) appraisers can add whatever information necessary in the appraisal's "Comment" or "Extraordinary Assumptions" dialogue boxes to ensure that the report is understandable and not misleading. A copy of each report complete with the USPAP certification is saved and available to the appraiser for record keeping purposes.

  • Non-USPAP compliant reports: The second type of valuer is a subject matter expert who, while extremely knowledgeable of the property types he or she has elected to appraiser, is not USPAP-trained, does not normally write appraisal reports in conformance with USPAP and is not required to do so by any parental society. For such valuers, appraisal reports, while very similar to the USPAP-compliant reports, vary slightly yet remain professional, objective and understandable. A copy of each report is saved and made available to the subject matter expert for filing.