How the Appraisal Process Works

Here are the basic steps for each appraisal assignment:
  • The process begins with the client submitting an item for appraisal via the website
  • The client chooses the type of appraisal (Restricted Appraisal Report or Appraisal Report) and the amount of detail to be included (short (lite) or long (full) version) lite
  • During this process the client chooses an appropriate category for the type of property being submitted and provides descriptive information as well as images for the appraiser to review. The inclusion of quality images is a requirement. 
  • Upon receipt of the appraisal request, appraisers who have signed up for that particular category and who have so elected will immediately be sent an email notifying them that the appraisal has been submitted and that it is in a "pending" status. The appraisal will also appear in an appraisal pool which is visible to all logged-in appraisers.
  • Any appraiser receiving the initial email notification can claim the appraisal. Any logged-in appraiser who feels competent to complete the assignment competently can also claim the appraisal from the pool.
  • Once claimed, the appraisal's status will change from "pending" to "in progress".
  • The appraiser claiming the appraisal logs in to their personal page on to begin, pause, continue and/or complete the assignment. Once the appraisal has been finished, the assignment status will change to "completed".
  • A copy of the report including links to relevant associated information regarding the assignment is sent to the client as well as the the appraiser.
  • If unclaimed after 48 hours, a second email is sent to all appraisers signed up for that category reminding them that the assignment remains in "pending" status and requesting that they claim the assignment.
  • Assignments remaining unclaimed after 72 hours are canceled, the client is so notified, and monies are refunded.


Need more information from client?

At times, the appraiser will need additional information from the client. Perhaps additional, close-up images are needed. Perhaps additional descriptive information or clarification is needed. In, the appraiser will have the ability to ask the client for additional information. The appraiser's questions will be sent to the client who can then reply with the additional information or answers requested. While waiting for the client's reply, the assignment's status will be changed to "query sent". The appraiser will be notified via email when the client replies (at which time the status will again be changed to "in progress") and will be requested to log in to complete the assignment.

Rather not appraise a claimed assignment?

On occasion, the appraiser will decide that he or she is not well-suited to appraise the subject property. In such cases, the appraiser declines the assignment. If declined, the assignment's status is changed to "pending", the assignment is returned to the pool, and an email is sent to all appraisers registered for that particular category and that the assignment is once again in "pending" status.


Categories are used by clients in order to have their appraisal request directed to the appropriate appraiser or subject matter expert. When you sign up with as either an appraiser or subject matter expert, you will have the ability to select the categories for which you feel you have extensive product knowledge. You may add or remove categories from your profile at any time.

All appraisers who have selected a particular category will be notified by email when an appraisal request arrives that is in that category. The first appraiser to claim the appraisal or question is entitled to it.

Suggest additional categories

Based on their experiences, appraisers are welcome to submit suggestions for additional categories if they feel they would be helpful.