Become a Appraiser

Apply Now seeks professional appraisers or subject matter experts who have extensive product knowledge as well as appraisal skills to evaluate and value objects via the Internet making use of client-provided images and descriptive information. In order to qualify as a appraiser, one must possess the following skill set:

  • Have extensive product knowledge regarding the property types chosen to appraise.

  • Have market-related experience such as frequent interface with online auctions, traditional auction galleries, trade shows, specialty clubs, specialty periodicals, and other experts, dealers and collectors who also specialize in the chosen categories.

  • Be computer literate and have the ability to communicate quickly and professionally via email or via online forms. Appraisers must be able to send email attachments, and have word processing and writing skills including making use of good grammar, sentence structure and spelling.


Appraisal Provider Agreement

The Appraisal Provider Agreement is made and entered into by and between Collosses LLP, a California corporation (the "Company"), and the individual applying as an appraiser.

Commitment to Preserving the Public's Trust in Appraising

As an Appraisal Management Company, supports The Appraisal Foundation's Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP's) goal of preserving the public's trust in the appraisal profession. We recognize that reports developed and prepared in conformance with USPAP are likely to be credible, reliable, understandable and not-misleading. The result is the preservation of public trust in the appraisal profession. To this end, helps its appraisers meet their society-mandated requirement to comply with USPAP. ... more

Types of appraisals

  • Clients of can elect to purchase either a light "short" version of the appraisal or a full "long" version. The difference is the amount and detail of information provided by the client. ... more

  • Clients can also elect to purchase either a restricted use report (i.e., one for their private use only) or a full report (i.e., one for use to prove value to others.) ... more


Limitations in the use of online appraisals

While there are no limitations to the types of property that can be appraised online IF the property is no longer available such as would be the case if the property had been destroyed in a fire or had been stolen, there are practical limitations to the use of online appraisals for items that ARE STILL available for inspection. ... more

Sample Appraisal Report Form

The appraisal report form consists of a series of dialog boxes. Some are auto-filled from input provided by the client. Some are grayed out which means that you cannot edit the content. Others are not grayed out. These are fields you are free to edit and/or add information.

Here is an example of the form we use.

Note that at the top of the form is the appraisal "Type".

  • If it is a "Light" appraisal, include sufficient information in the COMMENT dialog box to make the report understandable, credible and not-misleading, but

  • If it is a "Full" appraisal, the client has paid extra, so be sure to provide an extensive narrative in the COMMENT dialog box.


Examples of Supplementary Information

Here is an example of a completed appraisal report as received by the customer. Note the supplementary information. All appraisals must have supplementary information to ensure the report is credible and understandable. Depending on the intended use of our reports and whether or not the appraiser has a societal mandate to comply with USPAP, the supplementary information will vary. ... more

How the appraisal process works

VTN incorporates an efficient process by which appraisers are quickly notified of a incoming appraisal request ... more

Determining value

Click here to read our guidelines for determining value.

Payment to appraisers

Appraisers/experts are paid on the 15th of the month for completed appraisals. Email Admin for compensation schedule.

Going on vacation?

If you will not be available to accept appraisal requests there is nothing you need do. Simply stop accepting assignments. They will be claimed by other appraisers.

Avoid conflict of interest

Appraisers must at all times be independent, impartial, must not be an advocate and must not have a personal interest in the property being appraised. To this end, appraisers may not purchase items they appraise. Please review's Code of Ethics for our appraisers.

Appraiser profile

The "Appraiser Profile" feature of will include appraiser information such as the appraiser's name, photo, societal affiliations and professional profile.

Completion time

For appraisals, our goal is that the client receive their appraisal report within 48 hours. The time begins with the initial submission of the assignment request or runs from the time the assignment is re-submitted with the additional information requested by the appraiser.

Knowledge Base

Here is the VTN Knowledge Base which consists of tips and suggestions for appraisers regarding preparing online appraisals for Please check this page periodically as it is updated from time to time.